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May. 6th, 2011


International Leadership Summit

UCP-SARnet in collaboration with the Sias International University, Thunderbird School of Global Management, World Academy for the Future of Women, and Global Interaction, is organizing the International Leadership Summit in Xinzhheng (China) this July to discuss the global initiative to tackle the Millennium Developmental Goals.

Registration for the event is now open. Application can be downloaded from the Global Interactions website http://www.globalinteractions.org/2011-program-and-events/2011-Int-Leadership-Summit.aspx and submitted by May 15, 2011.

We kindly ask you send this information to other individuals who in your opinion could benefit from participation in this event.
Your support for realization of UCP-SARnet’s mission is greatly appreciated.

Shannon Monn
Associate Editor

Jun. 20th, 2010


Network News: Week of 06.21.10

Here is our network news for the week of June 21, 2010.

Notes from our most recent Executive Team meeting have been posted.

The official page for Bridging the World from SIAS 2010 is up and running. Click here to see information on the presenters, browse student projects, and view videos and photos. Keep checking back here for news on future virtual events.

Dr. Marek Wosinski and some of the students who participated in Bridging the World from SIAS.

The Gandhi College Project is still going strong.
- Vishwa Manav Seva Aashram, an organization dedicated to achieving village development with village resources on a sustainable basis, has agreed to collaborate on the development of a community school model and the creation of looms or charkha (spinning wheels) to provide income for local women.
- The All India Regional Rural Bank Employee Association plans to help create Self Help Groups and networking opportunities with NABART and CAPART.
- Solar India Online has pledged to provide solar energy-related assistance and project management services, including training and collaboration for solar mission implementation at the village level.
- Cooperative Pacs, a cooperative department of the government of Bihar, will also be working with farmers and villagers to promote cooperative banking, marketing, and industries.
- The Ann Foundation of New York has expressed interest in assisting with the establishment of a Center for Disabled Children.
The Executive Team of UCP-SARnet would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of those who have pledged assistance and support for the Gandhi College Project.

Finally, UCP-SARnet would like to announce that the Call for Proposals for CU Expo 2011 is in progress. CU Expo 2011 is a Canadian-led Conference designed to showcase the exemplars in Community-University partnerships worldwide, and together to introduce creative ways of strengthening our local communities. The conference will take place May 10-14, 2011 in Ontario, Canada, and proposals are due by July 1, 2010. UCP-SARnet plans to present segments about the network and its Gandhi College Project at the event.

Jun. 7th, 2010


Network News: Week of 06.07.2010

Here is our network news for the week of June 7, 2010.

Bridging the World, our network's second virtual meeting in two years, concluded on May 26th. The two-day event was a huge success, bringing together students from the World Academy for the Future of Women and community activists from around the world to discuss the involvement of women in their communities.

The complete list of presenters from the event may be found here. UCP-SARnet's own segment of the event included several members of the Executive Team, who shared personal experiences and discussed the benefits of participating in a global network of leaders engaging in achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

UCP-SARnet is currently moving forward with plans to host four more virtual conferences in the fall that will connect students in Poland, China, and India with community leaders from around the globe.

If you are involved with a community organization and are interested in taking part in a future virtual meeting, please contact us at ucpsarnet@gmail.com - organizations from any country are welcome to participate in this free, fun, and interactive experience!

May. 18th, 2010


Network News: Week of 05.17.2010

Here is our network news for the week of May 17, 2010.

**Throughout the summer, news will continue to be posted on a bimonthly basis here on LJ.

Bridging the World, the 2010 SIAS Virtual Meeting, is fast approaching. The event will take place next week. UCP-SARnet's own presentation will be held at 5 PM Arizona time on Monday, May 24, 2010. Several long-time UCP-SARnet Executive Team members will be sharing their insights about what it means to be part of the network.

May's country of the month is China, in honor of our extensive collaboration with China and the SIAS Virtual Meeting. Please visit our country of the month page to learn about the exciting country and UCP-SARnet's relationship with it.

May's organization of the month is Hands on Shanghai, a wonderful organization that seeks to identify the needs of local NGOs and involve busy professionals in volunteer opportunities. Check out Hands on Shanghai's organizational page on UCP-SARnet to learn more about its work, including its programs for children and the elderly.

The spring semester at Arizona State University may be over, but UCP-SARnet plans to continue its work throughout the summer. Plans for posting new blogs, adding exciting new events, recruiting Regional Coordinators, and inviting new organizational and individual members are now under way. As always, please do not hesitate to get involved.

May. 6th, 2010


Network News: Week of 05.03.10

Here is our network news for the week of May 3, 2010.

Collaboration with Poland and China

Dr. Marek Wosinski met with a group of Chinese students at the Warsaw School for Social Sciences and Humanities. They discussed the possibility of creating a Chinese UCP-SARnet team within Poland; this group would collaborate with UCP-SARnet's student affiliates in China, as well as network with Chinese students at other universities within Poland. UCP-SARnet is moving forward with plans for a virtual meeting in Poland this fall, and the students at this recent meeting expressed interest in being involved with the event.

New Advisory Board Members

Dr. Jan Sadlak, Vice-President for International Collaboration at Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poland, has joined the UCP-SARnet Advisory Board. Dr. Sadlak served as Director of UNESCO's European Centre for Higher Education from 1999-2009, and is currently a UNESCO representative in Romania.

We also welcome Dr. Grazyna Prawelska-Skrzypek to the UCP-SARnet Advisory Board. Dr. Prawelska-Skrzypek is a professor with the Institute for Public Affairs at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. She specializes in the study of urban geography and social geography, and her research interests include city management, local governmental planning, and regional identity in contemporary Poland.

We are pleased to have two individuals with such extensive research and teaching experience become involved with our network.

Bridging the World

The program for our virtual conference "Bridging the World from SIAS" is ready for viewing. This event is being held in collaboration with China's SIAS University and Global Interactions, Inc. The conference will take place on May 25-26 as a conclusion to the World Academy for the Future of Women 2010 program.

Executive Team Notes

The final meeting of UCP-SARnet's ASU-based Executive Team will be held May 7th. The team will be discussing plans for the future, our network's involvement in CU Expo 2011, and more. Meeting minutes will be available on our website soon, and a summary of pertinent information will be posted here.

Apr. 21st, 2010



The University-Community Partnership for Social Action Research Network seeks youth interested in social change to serve as Regional Coordinators.

Regional Coordinators are an integral part of our Global Team. They represent UCP-SARnet in their respective regions and are ambassadors of their region in our global network. The role of a Regional Coordinator is to facilitate collaboration and activities that aid in the actualization of UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in his or her region. Duties include recruiting organizational and individual members of UCP-SARnet, updating the UCP-SARnet website with information on community work taking place in their respective regions, and disseminating information about UCP-SARnet to their local communities.

Candidates for the position of Regional Coordinator must make a commitment to volunteer for UCP-SARnet for at least two years, while Assistant Regional Coordinators commit to serving a shorter term. These two positions are currently unpaid internship roles. In exchange for their service, youth receive a unique opportunity to enhance their networking skills, build professional connections, obtain international recognition of their leadership skills, and receive strong letters of recommendation that will assist them in their future endeavors.

For detailed information on the requirements and benefits of serving as a UCP-SARnet Regional Coordinator, please visit our website and download an application.

Apr. 12th, 2010


Network News: Week of 04.12.10

Here is our network news for the week of April 12, 2010.

We welcome Titillayo Oyewumi from Nigeria who recently joined UCP-SARnet.

Please visit our upgraded webpage on TakingItGlobal here. If you are interested in social change and the concept of youth involvement in creating such change, please consider joining TakingITGlobal and becoming affiliated with our project on that platform. It is a wonderful social networking site for those who share our interests.

Ann Foundation from New York, an organization working with disabled children in Africa and India, has expressed interest in becoming a Member Organization of UCP-SARnet.

Birendra Kumar reports that several community organizations have already agreed to collaborate on the Gandhi College project. For more information on the progress made so far, please click here.

Apr. 10th, 2010


The Dream Rainbow City Project: The Gandhi College of Social Work (India)

Hi everyone,

We would like to let you know about an exciting project that UCP-SARnet has become involved with - the creation of the Gandhi College of Social Work in India.

The following is a brief description of the Dream Rainbow City Project.

There are over 1,300 colleges of social work worldwide. India has more than 10% of this number, but there is still a lack of professional social workers in the development sector. In addition, students obtaining degrees in social work very often do not have hands-on experience connecting them to the real world. Although many colleges have begun to implement in-service learning as an educational strategy, such programs are usually offered in urban centers and offer at most one month of "exposure" to rural conditions. In developing countries, there is a great disparity between metropolitan and rural life, and these are mostly rural areas that need social workers. As a result, some government social and rural uplift programs are hampered because urban-trained professionals fail to grasp the rural dynamics. By implementing the project presented below, we plan to fill this gap by creating a model of a rural community based college of social work education.

The goal of our project is to create a workable and replicable innovative institution of higher education to produce social workers. This institution will provide students not only with adequate theoretical training, but also with community based in-service training that is aimed at changing the community itself. We want to build a college that will be rooted in tradition and meet local community needs. We want to create a college that will not only transform local community, but will instill in its students a global perspective on local community issues. This will be assured by connecting the college with a strong worldwide network of higher education institutions in the process of developing curriculum, courses, and opportunities for students opportunities for multicultural grassroots exposure.

The Rainbow Dream College will be located at Bhitiarwa Ashram, Jamunia, Narkatiaganj, West Champaran, Bihar, India. Bhitiarwa Ashram was the first venue from which the well-known Gandhian "Satyagraha against the Indigo Merchants" took place. The land for the Ashram, as well as for the adjunct Gandhi Memorial Museum, hospital, school and Gandhi Research Centre, was donated by the Arvin family and is currently Panchayat owned. The complex that houses a Gandhi Memorial Museum is supervised by the Ministry of Culture and Youth. The Madanpur forest (part of the Valmiki tiger Reserve) is about 15 km away. With the exception of the Museum, all the other buildings are neglected and require renovation.

To learn more about the project, and to see photos and videos of the site, please visit our website.

Feb. 2nd, 2010



Hello and welcome to the official LiveJournal account for the University-Community Partnership for Social Action Research Network (UCP-SARnet)!

One of our network's goals for 2010 is to expand our presence on various social networking platforms. This LiveJournal account will be maintained by members of our Executive Team, and will contain news, announcements, events, and other materials of relevance to our network.

If you are part of UCP-SARnet, or are simply interested in our work, please do not hesitate to connect with us. Anyone is free to comment on our entries with thoughts relating to social action research, social issues, global partnerships, community psychology, the United Nations Millennium Development goals, and related topics.

Finally, if you would like more information about UCP-SARnet's mission and goals, or if you would like to become a member of the network, please visit our website: http://ucpsarnet.iglooprojects.org/


Progress in 2009

The following is a list of just a few of our network's chief activities and accomplishments throughout 2009. As you can see, plenty of exciting new partnerships were made.

April 2009: World Civic Forum in Seoul, Korea
Dr. Marek Wosinski met with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) to discuss UCP-SARnet's contribution to a "Training workshop for citizen participation in the achievement of Millennium Development Goals." IUCP-SARnet's potential participation in the development of online instructional materials for local governments, community leaders and teachers was also discusssed. More information about this meeting can be found here.

May 2009: Bridging the World: A Virtual Conference organized by UCP-SARnet in Collaboration with Global Interactions, Inc. on the 10th Anniversary of SIAS University in Zhengzhou, China
Community leaders and students from around the world came together to discuss some of the world's most pressing social issues with Chinese students. A program of the events is available here.

July 2009: World Conference on Higher Education
UCP-SARnet was represented at the UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education organized on July 5 - 8 in Paris. It was very encouraging to hear during the conference that the online tool created by UCP-SARnet is something the participants were calling for! One of the issues presented at the conference was the issue of social responsibility of higher education. At the times when the world is facing numerous global problems that call for action, it is the responsibility of higher education to answer this call by, among other things, educating a new generation of leaders that will be prepared to face these challenges. During the conference we made a lot of interesting contacts that will hopefully result in new partnerships. More information about this meeting can be found here.

July 2009: World Education Leaders Forum
UCP-SARnet was represented at the Education Leaders Forum 2009 held jointly by UNESCO and Microsoft, following UNESCO's World Conference on Higher Education on July 9th at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, France. We joined ministers, education policy leaders and experts from around the world for a working conference on the theme of "Higher Education: Re-Visioning for Recovery. The Path to Sustainable Development." The Forum offered government leaders the opportunity to apply what participants have learned from the WCHE, to explore Higher Education's role as key enabler for sustainable social, economic and environmental development, and to work on an action plan for short and longer term recovery. More information on the event can be found here.

September 2009: Collaboration with Chengdu University in China
On September 28, there was an official meeting between representatives of Chengdu University and UCP-SARnet, with the goal of establishing long term collaboration. More information on the meeting and our collaboration may be found here.

September 2009: Collaboration with Sichuan University in China
As a part of partnership between Arizona State University and Sichuan University (SU), UCP-SARnet was presented to the students at the School of Public Administration of Sichuan University. As a result of intermediation by Ms. Mengying Li, China Partnerships Manager at the Policy and Strategic Partnerships Office at ASU, as well as arrangements made by Prof. Guan Ping, Director of International Exchanges Division at the International Office of Sichuan University, Dr. Marek Wosinski had the opportunity to deliver a lecture on the topic "Partnerships and Networking for Achievement the Millennium Development Goals." The purpose of the lecture was to make students aware of the UN Millennium Development Goals and to encourage empower their involvement into actions leading to achieving of MDG. It was hoped that the presentation and subsequent discussion with students would lead to the next step: establishing a team of UCP-SARnet Regional Coordinators student at this school. Photos from the meeting may be found here.

October 2009: World Academy for the Future of Women at SIAS
On October 7th, Dr. Marek Wosinski met with partcipants in the World Academy for the Future of Women at SIAS University in Zhengzhou, China about offering an educational course to WAFW students through UCP-SARnet. The program consists of 16 modules and is facilitated by 16 moderators from outside of China. The goal of the project is to prepare female students for community leadership roles. It focuses on the third UN Millennium Development Goal: Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women. More information on the meeting and the collaboration with the World Academy for the Future of Women may be found here.
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