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The University-Community Partnership for Social Action Research Network seeks youth interested in social change to serve as Regional Coordinators.

Regional Coordinators are an integral part of our Global Team. They represent UCP-SARnet in their respective regions and are ambassadors of their region in our global network. The role of a Regional Coordinator is to facilitate collaboration and activities that aid in the actualization of UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in his or her region. Duties include recruiting organizational and individual members of UCP-SARnet, updating the UCP-SARnet website with information on community work taking place in their respective regions, and disseminating information about UCP-SARnet to their local communities.

Candidates for the position of Regional Coordinator must make a commitment to volunteer for UCP-SARnet for at least two years, while Assistant Regional Coordinators commit to serving a shorter term. These two positions are currently unpaid internship roles. In exchange for their service, youth receive a unique opportunity to enhance their networking skills, build professional connections, obtain international recognition of their leadership skills, and receive strong letters of recommendation that will assist them in their future endeavors.

For detailed information on the requirements and benefits of serving as a UCP-SARnet Regional Coordinator, please visit our website and download an application.