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Network News: Week of 05.03.10

Here is our network news for the week of May 3, 2010.

Collaboration with Poland and China

Dr. Marek Wosinski met with a group of Chinese students at the Warsaw School for Social Sciences and Humanities. They discussed the possibility of creating a Chinese UCP-SARnet team within Poland; this group would collaborate with UCP-SARnet's student affiliates in China, as well as network with Chinese students at other universities within Poland. UCP-SARnet is moving forward with plans for a virtual meeting in Poland this fall, and the students at this recent meeting expressed interest in being involved with the event.

New Advisory Board Members

Dr. Jan Sadlak, Vice-President for International Collaboration at Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities in Poland, has joined the UCP-SARnet Advisory Board. Dr. Sadlak served as Director of UNESCO's European Centre for Higher Education from 1999-2009, and is currently a UNESCO representative in Romania.

We also welcome Dr. Grazyna Prawelska-Skrzypek to the UCP-SARnet Advisory Board. Dr. Prawelska-Skrzypek is a professor with the Institute for Public Affairs at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. She specializes in the study of urban geography and social geography, and her research interests include city management, local governmental planning, and regional identity in contemporary Poland.

We are pleased to have two individuals with such extensive research and teaching experience become involved with our network.

Bridging the World

The program for our virtual conference "Bridging the World from SIAS" is ready for viewing. This event is being held in collaboration with China's SIAS University and Global Interactions, Inc. The conference will take place on May 25-26 as a conclusion to the World Academy for the Future of Women 2010 program.

Executive Team Notes

The final meeting of UCP-SARnet's ASU-based Executive Team will be held May 7th. The team will be discussing plans for the future, our network's involvement in CU Expo 2011, and more. Meeting minutes will be available on our website soon, and a summary of pertinent information will be posted here.