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Network News: Week of 05.17.2010

Here is our network news for the week of May 17, 2010.

**Throughout the summer, news will continue to be posted on a bimonthly basis here on LJ.

Bridging the World, the 2010 SIAS Virtual Meeting, is fast approaching. The event will take place next week. UCP-SARnet's own presentation will be held at 5 PM Arizona time on Monday, May 24, 2010. Several long-time UCP-SARnet Executive Team members will be sharing their insights about what it means to be part of the network.

May's country of the month is China, in honor of our extensive collaboration with China and the SIAS Virtual Meeting. Please visit our country of the month page to learn about the exciting country and UCP-SARnet's relationship with it.

May's organization of the month is Hands on Shanghai, a wonderful organization that seeks to identify the needs of local NGOs and involve busy professionals in volunteer opportunities. Check out Hands on Shanghai's organizational page on UCP-SARnet to learn more about its work, including its programs for children and the elderly.

The spring semester at Arizona State University may be over, but UCP-SARnet plans to continue its work throughout the summer. Plans for posting new blogs, adding exciting new events, recruiting Regional Coordinators, and inviting new organizational and individual members are now under way. As always, please do not hesitate to get involved.