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Network News: Week of 06.07.2010

Here is our network news for the week of June 7, 2010.

Bridging the World, our network's second virtual meeting in two years, concluded on May 26th. The two-day event was a huge success, bringing together students from the World Academy for the Future of Women and community activists from around the world to discuss the involvement of women in their communities.

The complete list of presenters from the event may be found here. UCP-SARnet's own segment of the event included several members of the Executive Team, who shared personal experiences and discussed the benefits of participating in a global network of leaders engaging in achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

UCP-SARnet is currently moving forward with plans to host four more virtual conferences in the fall that will connect students in Poland, China, and India with community leaders from around the globe.

If you are involved with a community organization and are interested in taking part in a future virtual meeting, please contact us at ucpsarnet@gmail.com - organizations from any country are welcome to participate in this free, fun, and interactive experience!