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Network News: Week of 06.21.10

Here is our network news for the week of June 21, 2010.

Notes from our most recent Executive Team meeting have been posted.

The official page for Bridging the World from SIAS 2010 is up and running. Click here to see information on the presenters, browse student projects, and view videos and photos. Keep checking back here for news on future virtual events.

Dr. Marek Wosinski and some of the students who participated in Bridging the World from SIAS.

The Gandhi College Project is still going strong.
- Vishwa Manav Seva Aashram, an organization dedicated to achieving village development with village resources on a sustainable basis, has agreed to collaborate on the development of a community school model and the creation of looms or charkha (spinning wheels) to provide income for local women.
- The All India Regional Rural Bank Employee Association plans to help create Self Help Groups and networking opportunities with NABART and CAPART.
- Solar India Online has pledged to provide solar energy-related assistance and project management services, including training and collaboration for solar mission implementation at the village level.
- Cooperative Pacs, a cooperative department of the government of Bihar, will also be working with farmers and villagers to promote cooperative banking, marketing, and industries.
- The Ann Foundation of New York has expressed interest in assisting with the establishment of a Center for Disabled Children.
The Executive Team of UCP-SARnet would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of those who have pledged assistance and support for the Gandhi College Project.

Finally, UCP-SARnet would like to announce that the Call for Proposals for CU Expo 2011 is in progress. CU Expo 2011 is a Canadian-led Conference designed to showcase the exemplars in Community-University partnerships worldwide, and together to introduce creative ways of strengthening our local communities. The conference will take place May 10-14, 2011 in Ontario, Canada, and proposals are due by July 1, 2010. UCP-SARnet plans to present segments about the network and its Gandhi College Project at the event.